10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Laid

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10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Laid

Men's Fitness got real women to reveal how dudes blow their chances before they seal the deal. Read on—and never make these mistakes again.

“I went out with this guy who was otherwise perfect: tall, cute, funny. But he was the worst kisser! It was literally gag-inducing. I didn’t know how to tell him, and the guy could not take a hint. If I would push him away to get him to ease up, he would for a minute, then dive right back down my throat. I liked him so much I tried, I really did. I even got a little drunk on our fourth date and brought him home, but his kissing was such a turn off I just couldn’t get sufficiently in the mood. We went to sleep instead, and never went out again.” —Beth, 30


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