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11 Tips for Nailing Your First Time…With Her

Make a good impression when you get in bed with a new girl for the first time.

3. Dress to Impress

Girls make sure their undergarments are impressive, and men should do the same. “Wear boxer-briefs. Seriously,” says Amber Madison, a New York City-based therapist who specializes in dating and relationships. “They’re sexy and more sophisticated than boxers.”

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4. Forget 50 Shades

If you’re into the unconventional, save it for a later date. “Despite what you might have been hearing about from Fifty Shades of Grey, most women will be a little freaked out if you show up for a first-time sexual encounter with warming gel and sex toys,” says Melissa White, CEO and founder of Lucky Bloke. “Until you know one another’s comfort zones, you should probably stay away from anything kinky. Plus, you don’t know yet what sensitivities she might have to condoms or lubricants with heating or cooling properties—and you don’t want her wanting a shower instead of you.”

5. Clean Your Room

She’s not going to sit on your bed if it’s covered in crap. “If you’re planning on having sex at your place, clean your home,” White advises. “It should look tidy and inviting—not like the set of a Seth Rogen movie.”

6. Be Well Groomed

Like the status of your apartment (read: laundry not overflowing from the hamper), your appearance should be equally as pulled together. If you’re hoping she will be visiting your lower region, it’s important that the area is well kempt so as not to disgust her. “A little manscaping goes a long way,” notes Berman.

“Make sure you shower and smell good, but too much cologne is a turnoff,” White adds. “We all rely on pheromones to be turned on. You want her to be able to smell you—albeit a freshly showered, you.”

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7. Go the Extra Mile

Thoughtfulness goes a long way, and we’re not necessarily talking flowers or chocolate. “Women like to see a man make an effort, like planning a terrific date,” Berman says. “Most men underestimate how far that goes,” meaning it might go as far as the bedroom.



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