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11 Tips for Nailing Your First Time…With Her

Make a good impression when you get in bed with a new girl for the first time.

8. Protect Yourself

It’s your first time together, so you probably haven’t talked birth control or previous partners. So, take the lead on this one: “Don’t make her bring up the subject; making her uncomfortable is a surefire way out of the bedroom,” White says. “It’s a welcome surprise when a man comes prepared in this department.”

9. Make the Connection

Keep things close, on more than a physical level. “There’s nothing sexier than some intimate eye contact during sex,” White says. “Instead of staring at the wall or the ceiling, capture her gaze, hold her hand.”

10. Have Patience

Taking the plunge with someone new means figuring out how the two of you work together—not just physically but in terms of chemistry, too. “Your first time with a new partner may not go perfectly, and that’s OK,” says Dr. Logan Levkoff, of Trojan’s Sexual Health Advisory Council. “It takes a while to get to know somebody’s body and what he or she likes.”

11. Give Her a Proper Send-Off

Everyone’s got to eat in the a.m., right? If you can cook, go for it. At the very least, offer her a cup of coffee. “This will ensure that things don’t get awkward,” Madison says. “Also, text her later that day. This way, when she starts to have the "He just wanted sex" freak-out, as many girls do, hearing from you will calm her down.” It’s the perfect close to your first time together.



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