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15 Sex Positions To Try in the Gym

Might as well get two good workouts in the same place, right?

We know the benefits that exercise can have on your sex life, but we had no idea so many of you actually liked getting it on at the gym. In a recent survey conducted by British sex toy retailer Ann Summers (so, yeah, not the most scientific study), 20% of the 2,000 polled adults admitted to having sex at the gym. While we don’t want you getting arrested for indecency, we thought we’d help you brainstorm some creative ways to get it on in your home gym.

Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in all things sex. 


Bosu Ball Cowgirl

Place a Bosu Ball squishy-side up on a yoga mat. Sit on the mat and lean your back against the Bosu Ball. She climbs on top and rests on her knees. The Bosu Ball will keep your abs engaged, which will give her clit extra stimulation as she moves back and forth on top of you.

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The Standing Cowgirl

For a simpler approach, a basic weight bench provides an endless number of possibilities. Lay back on the bench, with your feet planted on the floor. Have your lady straddle you standing up. with one leg on each side of your body. Having her feet on the ground will give her a lot of control to bounce up and down on top of you.

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The Standing Reverse Cowgirl

You can also have her turn around, so she’s facing your toes instead of your head. 

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Resting Pose

This popular yoga stretch can be turned into a variation of Doggystyle. Put a mat down beneath you. She starts on all fours, then lowers down to her elbows, shifts her body weight back, pops her butt into the air, and rests her forehead on the mat. You kneel and enter her from behind.

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The Exercise Ball Bounce

Wedge a large exercise ball into a corner so it won’t move around too much. Sit on it, then have her sit on your lap, facing away from you. She can bounce up and down on your lap. The ball will double the fun by exaggerating her movements.

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On The Treadmill

Standing sex is tricky because your pelvises have to be at the same height for penetration to even be possible. The treadmill gives you a great opportunity to try out standing sex even if your bodies aren’t perfectly aligned. Have her stand on the treadmill, with her feet on the edges of the machine (not on the tread itself). She should bend over and rest her weight on the console (making sure not to accidentally turn the treadmill on!). You approach her from behind. From there, adjust the incline until you get to the right angle!

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The Standing Cowgirl 2

If you have an adjustable bench, try playing around with different angles. Your abs will get activated from sitting up, giving her something to grind against.

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The Lap Dance

Adjust your bench so you’re sitting up. She turns away from you, facing your feet. She can tuck her hands between her legs and hold onto the bench for a little extra balance.

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TRX Crouching Cowgirl

Place an exercise mat beneath your TRX straps. Lie on your back. Have her get on top, but resting on her feet instead of her knees. This position is usually hard to hold for an extended period of time, but she can use the TRX bands for leverage.

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Bench Doggy

If your bench is wide enough, have her perch on it on her hands and knees, towards one edge of the bench. Enter her from behind, holding onto her hips for leverage. Being on your feet (instead of on your knees in traditional Doggystyle) will give you more thrusting power.

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The Modified Downward Dog

If your bench is narrow or either of you are worried about balance, have her stand with one leg on either side of the bench, and bend over and rest her hands or elbows on the bench. Make sure she scoots back far enough so her butt is at the edge of the bench. You enter her from behind.

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Bench Oral

Have her lay back on the bench, with her butt at one end. Kneel between her legs and give her oral (put a yoga mat under your knees for extra padding). This position is much easier on your neck than many other oral sex positions, so you’ll be able to hang on until she’s done. (Here's why you should consider going down on her more often.)

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The Exercise Ball Bendover

Start off in the same configuration as The Exercise Ball Bounce, but have her bend over and touch the ground. Hold onto her hips for leverage. You’re more in control of the movement here, so you’ll want to push back slightly against the ball, then thrust into her. If you’re bobbing around too much, she can hold onto your ankles or behind your knees to keep your bodies closer together.

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TRX Wheelbarrow

Ready for some real acrobatics? Help her get her feet into a pair of TRX bands, and adjust the height so she can prop herself up on her hands and get in a wheelbarrow position. Depending on the height, you can kneel or crouch between her legs. If she starts getting fatigued, you can hold up some of her weight by grabbing her hips.

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Pull Up Bar Sex Swing

This trick requires extra equipment and effort, but can be extremely rewarding. You’ll need a doorway pull-up bar, and a dual-hook sex swing. Attach the carabiners of the sex swing to the eye bolts of the chin up bar, and voila, you’ve got your own DIY sex swing! (Of course, make sure to test everything out before getting naked). This is definitely a next-level tip, but it doesn’t hurt to be aspirational with your workouts and your sex positions, right?

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