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The Best Lubes for Shower Sex, Solo Sessions, Sensitive Skin, and More

Go longer and intensify sensations with lubricants for every preference and situation.
The Best Lubes for Shower Sex, Solo Sessions, Sensitive Skin, and More

If you clicked on this story because you've never used lube before, let us just say, first of all, that you're missing out. Secondly, that could be one (of many) reasons you're not getting her off. Lubricants make sex more comfortable. They let you and your partner get into positions you might not otherwise be able to settle into, can increase your arousal, and amp your odds of simultaneously climaxing (still a stretch, but it's definitely more doable). 

Whether you're new to lubes or looking for something to help you to finally nail shower sex, or make your sex dry spell less, um, dry, take things in to your own hands. These lubes will make sex better, hotter, and more electrifying.

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There's a good chance TROJAN™ Riviera™ Lubricant will last longer in the tub and shower than you will (no offense; this stuff is seriously water-resistant, and shower sex is a serious test of strength and flexibility). Designed for water, this silicone blend has a super-silky feel that easily comes off with soap. Mild enough for sensitive skin and conveniently bottled in an airplane-friendly size, this is a must for a hot and heavy summer vacation—or a staycation at home.

$14.99-$19.99, Also available at Costco, CVS, Target, Walmart, and more.

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YES Water-Based Personal Lubricant enhances your sensitivity without causing any sensitivity thanks to its hypoallergenic formula—designed to minimize the risk of skin reactions. You won't find any unnatural colors, smells, or flavors here; just an intensely hydrating lubricant that feels natural, relieves dryness, and replenishes moisture, serving as the perfect substitute for your body's own lubrication. It's even condom- and toy-compatible. 


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Pre-Seed is one of the only lubricants clinically proven to be fertility-friendly. Most lubes can make getting pregnant difficult because they damage your sperm's ability to move; but Pre-Seed won't limit or damage your swimmers. It's glycerin-free formula (glycerin has been known to damage sperm) also mimics your body's natural lubrication, so you'll get the right feel with the utmost protection. 

$15.99, Also available at Walmart, Target, CVS, Duane Reade, and more. 

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This water-based lubricant is long-lasting and non-staining—two absolutely crucial features in a personal lubricants. The fragrance-free formula is blended with aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe and moisurize your skin so you can get down to business every day with greater comfort and a more intense feel. Don't feel bad; there are tons of benefits of having an orgasm. (LifeStyles SKYN Natural Feel is also compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms.)


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As we mentioned before, water-based lubricants are your best bet for condoms and they're also ideal for toys since they’re easy to wash off and—for the most part—won't stain your sheets. Astroglide's Liquid lube can be used with silicone vibrators because it doesn't contain any silicone; may seem strange, but most toys that have a jelly or soft texture can start to break down when used with silicone lube because the lube begins to solidify onto the toy. Astroglide will keep things smooth and satisfying.


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Pjur, one of the most trusted brands in the biz, has a lube crafted specifically for women's skin. The FDA-approved formula is made from medical-grade ingredients sans the perfume. making it perfect for sensitive skin. The super-soft velvety texture is also great for a rubdown-turned-romp.  


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K-Y Yours+Mine Warming Couples Lubricant For Him and Her is great for couples looking to heat things up—literally. The personal lubricants provide a warming sensation for you and a tingling sensation for her. Together, you'll enjoy an intensely satisfying experience. Looking to up the ante? Bring some intimate massagers into the mix.


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