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The Endurance Workout to Last Longer in Bed

A gym routine that will build muscle, burn fat—and help you to have better sex.

Picture this: You take your girlfriend or wife out on a romantic day date, whip up an easy meal for two at home, then give her your perfect Valentine's Day gift before retreating to the bedroom for the grand finale of the most magical of days when you bonk half-way through your, well, bonk. 

"Every guy has the intention of having a long-lasting romp session, but sometimes the 'endurance' isn’t quite there," says Liz Lowe, a strength and conditioning specialist located in Sarasota, Florida. The good news is that there are things you can do in the gym—fully clothed of course—that can help. "The ‘Last Longer’ workout will push your heart rate to the max to build endurance while adding in key strength and movement components necessary for peak performance," says Lowe.

The workout is broken down into three components: endurance, strength-endurance, and power. The endurance component pairs sprints with agility and core work to get your heart pumping and core engaged. Once you're warmed and revved, you'll kick into strength mode. Load up the bar and stay strong as you move continuously through all three rounds of the strength circuit, pushing your strength-endurance to the max. The final component combines elements of both to really build your power. "Every rep should have a force behind it, Lowe explains. "Forget how tired you are and push every rep!"

Tired yet? Try to muster up some energy to get through the final three sets of the workout, another round of endurance, strength-endurance, and power moves. Adding this routine to your regimen 2-3 times a week (max to give yourself ample recovery time) will directly translate to your endurance in the bedroom, according to Lowe. The added strength may even help you master some hot new positions.

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