Erogenous Zone Guide: Hit Every Hot Spot

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Erogenous Zone Guide: Hit Every Hot Spot

Don’t just stroke the obvious stuff. By exploring every inch of her body from head to toe, you’ll be able to tap the sort of pleasure she never even knew existed.

Why it’s hot: According to Goddard, nearly everyone responds to the sternocleidomastoid muscle (let’s call it the SCM), which connects the base of the skull under the ear to the sternum. “It’s highly sensitive to kissing, licking, nibbling and biting,” she says.

How to activate it: “My favorite technique, which is an absolute slam dunk every time, is to bite her neck, if you can learn to do it skillfully,” says Goddard. “Bite into it and release, repeating down the length of the muscle. Find the balance of biting down and releasing, and she will be putty in your hands.”


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