Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive

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Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive

Pinpont the foods that are wreaking havoc on your bedroom mojo.

Alcohol in moderation never hurt anyone’s lust, but overindulging can bring things down by the end of the night. “Alcohol can take a toll on your sexual prowess causing erectile difficulties, trouble achieving orgasm and premature ejaculation,” says Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure. “If you have one too many, you're likely going to feel less inhibited.” Work on having two to three drinks max if you want to be ready to go later.

“Too much alcohol, too much rich food—too much food in general—is going to make the person sleepy and not that interested,” says David Yarian, sex therapist. “The general guidelines about being healthy are what we need to know about sexual desire.”


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