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Get It On in the Great Outdoors!

Summer’s almost here, so heat up your hookups with these eight tips for mind-blowing sex al fresco.

3. Make it rain. Sex outdoors is great — but sex outdoors in the rain is better. “[As it rains], you'll feel cool tingly sensations in places you never thought possible,” advises O’Reilly. “If the spring or summer blesses you with nothing but dry sunshine, use your imagination and get wet with your sprinkler, garden hose or do-it-yourself car wash.”

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4. Get in touch with your sense(itive) side. Dr. O’Reilly recommends taking advantage of all five senses while getting it on outdoors. She says one of the greatest draws of the experience is the ability to excite your taste, touch, sight, smell and sound. Here’s how: Slow down and take it all in—the ocean breeze or the smell of pine trees; the taste of light sweat against her skin; the heat of the sun; the sound of the ocean or wind; the flow of the rain or the rough bark of a tree against your back.



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