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Get It On in the Great Outdoors!

Summer’s almost here, so heat up your hookups with these eight tips for mind-blowing sex al fresco.

5. Keep her comfortable. If your partner isn’t completely down with the idea, bring two blankets, and use one to cover yourselves. “Someone who's paranoid about getting caught naked will relax knowing she can hide under a blanket.  It's a small compromise that still gives you the full outdoor experience,” says Brame.

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6. Get wet. Intrigued by the idea of pool sex? Go for it. “Sex underwater can help you to relax, facilitate acrobatic positions and heighten your senses,” says O’Reilly. But at the same time, water can wash away her body's natural lubrication, so O’Reilly suggests keeping silicone lube on-hand to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience.



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