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Get It On in the Great Outdoors!

Summer’s almost here, so heat up your hookups with these eight tips for mind-blowing sex al fresco.

7. Take a hike! “Find a secluded spot off the beaten track and try it in a standing doggie position against a sturdy tree,” says O’Reilly. “Be sure to hike well into the woods, as your sounds of pleasure can travel significant distances in the great outdoors.”

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8. Be discreet. You don't have to undress all the way to have great sex al fresco. Make sure you ditch the belt that day, and even go commando if you feel so inclined, suggests Brame. She should wear a skirt or dress that makes things easily accessible. Sometimes it's even sexier to just unzip your pants a bit and lift up her skirt so that people in the distance barely realize what you’re doing.



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