How to Keep Your Head in the Game for Better Sex

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How to Keep Your Head in the Game for Better Sex

Keep the noises in your head from interfering with the noises in your bed.

“Everything is about sex—except sex.” Oscar Wilde nailed it, literally (the man’s inability to keep it in his pants got him thrown in jail). You may be smarter than that, but don’t get cocky: Everything we do as men, even when we don’t realize it, is part of a primal, subconscious ploy to get some.

Chasing skirts (or loincloths) has been in our DNA since before men started reasoning with the fairer sex and would instead just club them over the head. The cruel irony these days, of course, is that when you do finally convince a woman to come back to your man cave, you are so preoccupied—a looming deadline, the money you still owe for that bet you don’t even remember making—that it’s increasingly difficult to focus on the task at hand, assuming your stressed-out anatomy lets you get that far.

Relax. You’re not broken. “It’s normal to feel pressure about sex as a guy,” says dating expert and author Amber Madison. “You have a lot on your plate. You have a lot of responsibilities.” Working hard, however, shouldn’t prevent you from playing hard. Luckily, freeing yourself from bedroom A.D.D. is easy.

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