You overdid the alcohol

You’ve had a long night out and maybe a little too much to drink. You're thinking, “I can do this,” but turns out, you just can’t seem to get it up. 

Deal with it: “This is one of those cases where you can have it all, just not at the same time," Carrellas says. "If you want to drink, go ahead and drink, but don't expect to have fulfilling sex. If you want sex, don't have more than a couple of drinks. Simple. Penises are often smarter than the men they are attached to. Penises don't respond in situations where they don't feel safe, like when the men who want to use them are incapacitated by alcohol."

You let it rip

Just like everyone sneezes and coughs, everybody farts, and sometimes nature calls at the wrong moment. You’re in the middle of having sex with your partner and all of a sudden...boom. It just came out (loud) and the lingering smell is killing the mood

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Deal with it: Make a quick recovery without killing the mood. "For me, the protocol is the same for all unintentional bodily sounds: "Excuse me," notes Carrellas. "I see no need to apologize for the natural functions of the body, but 'Excuse me' is a polite way of acknowledging that it happened.”

Intercourse got interrupted

The door you thought was locked all of a sudden opens, and in walks your roommate. Or worse, your mom dropped in for a surprise visit—and the mood is dead. 

Deal with it: "If you're caught in the act by a family member, there's not much you can do but walk away as gracefully as possible," Carrellas says. If you're simply worried about being overheard, “embrace your inner exhibitionist," she suggests. "It could make the sex hotter."

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