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Score... Tonight

Print this out and put it with a condom in your wallet. (You'll need it--guaranteed!)

There are 438 players in the NBA, and Shaq has made more free throws this season than 425 of them. Our point: The more shots you take, the more likely you are to score. Use this five-step guide below on at least 10 women tonight; you'll land one in the net, for sure.

STEP 1: Scan the room. You're looking for a chick who smiles often. If she looks in your direction more than once, you've identified your prey.

STEP 2: Initiate the bump-in. Whether you're reaching across the bar for a drink or on your way to the bathroom, orchestrate a collision with her.

STEP 3: Say anything. Literally, anything. It can be cheesy or unoriginal. In fact, just rotate the following three:
- "I like your shirt."
- "Have we met?"
- "Warm beer sucks."

STEP 4: Read nonverbals. If she gives you a blank look or dead-end answer, cut your losses and keep moving. (Go back to Step 1.) If she's interested, she'll keep facing you to encourage you to say more.

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STEP 5: Don't talk to impress. Let the conversation revolve around her by asking her open-ended questions about her life. Make her feel smart and beautiful; it'll get you in the door--to her bedroom.

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