Subtle Ways to Put Her in the Mood

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Subtle Ways to Put Her in the Mood

It doesn't have to be about sex to turn her on. 5 everyday ways to get her hot and bothered.

When it comes to really turning on a lady, picking up on her cues when she’s not dropping hints may lead to more than just a "thank you" and a peck on the cheek.

If the girl you’re interested in talks about a book that blew her away, mentions something she ate that sent her into foodgasm or waxes poetic regarding whatever [fill in the blank] she’s got a passion for, make a mental note, then follow up.

The next time you’re surfing the ’net, order her favorite author’s new novel or something vintage she may have missed. When you’re out and about, grab a loaf of that fresh baked bread she was raving about, or pick up some of the craft-brewed beer she said was “better than sex,” and you may have the chance to find out if she was right.

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