Subtle Ways to Put Her in the Mood

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Subtle Ways to Put Her in the Mood

It doesn't have to be about sex to turn her on. 5 everyday ways to get her hot and bothered.

Mother Nature gifted us with five senses, but when it comes to sexual arousal, the genders are not necessarily wired up using the same diagram. Men tend to be aroused by visual cues. The majority of women, on the other hand, are often more immediately turned on by what they’re being told by their noses.

The information that comes to women via the sense of smell takes a direct route to the most primal part of our lizard brains. Consequently, aromas that evoke a sense of calm and wellbeing for women can lead to bigger and wetter things. Conversely, even some so-called “good” smells—perfumes, certain foods or flowers, etc.—can spell death to her desires. Each woman has a personal filing cabinet of smells that induce positive or negative reactions. Get to know what smells your lady likes and what turns her off, and scent or avoid for her triggers accordingly.

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