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The Dos and Don’ts of a One-Night Stand

This all-inclusive guide to seamless, no-strings-attached sex goes out to every man who’s ever had to navigate an awkward morning-after.

The General Rule of Thumb

DO: Go for it! “Give yourself permission to engage in having a one-night stand,” advises human sexuality expert Catherine Toyooka, the founder of Catherine Coaches sex workshops. “Far too many people are concerned with how they should act, will be perceived, or what is considered moral that they never allow themselves to delve into casual encounter sex-capades.”
DON’T: Be a dick. Seriously. Even if you never plan on seeing her again, treat the woman with respect. She’s someone’s sister or daughter! One-night stands should be considered a pleasant surprise—not your God-given right.

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The Protection Plan

DO: Remember the importance of wrapping it up! Bring a condom with you before going out. If you forget, (discreetly) stop and pick one up before you head home. Otherwise, stick with everything but intercourse. Better to be safe than sorry.
DON’T: Get too caught up in the moment to use a condom. Halting foreplay for a couple of minutes to grab a rubber is a way better scenario than dealing with an STI or unplanned pregnancy later on.  



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