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"Trust Me, I'm a ..."

How what you do effects how desirable you are to women

Whether you like it or not, what you do for a living speaks volumes about you, and your professional credentials do factor into that inexplicably complex formula women use to calculate your desirability, even if you're only being considered for a one night stand. When did life get so complicated, right?

Be prepared the next time a woman scours your LinkedIn profile for clues. Up your game by knowing what presumptions about your sex life she makes the next time you say, "Trust me, I'm a ..."


The Good
It doesn't matter if you're a gynecologist, a podiatrist, or a dentist, we still expect you to know your way around the female anatomy. You didn't go to all those years of med school for nothin' now, did you? It would be a serious bummer if you failed to locate our hot spots.

The Bad
Lots of women get nervous around doctors. We seriously get weirded out by the prospect of being analyzed like a patient or worse...a cadaver! If you insist on playing sexy doctor, keep the clinical talk and mannerisms out of the bedroom. And no, we don't want you pawing our breasts for lumps.

What Gets Us Hot
When the pager goes off and you dial in with firm directives like "move the patient to the third floor and get an IV going, stat!" we swoon. It's more the authoritative tone of your voice than the actual words that gets us horny. Use that to your advantage.

Computer Programmer

The Good
You definitely experienced a period of time in high school (and then some) when you weren't exactly the smoothest with the ladies. Why is this good? Because we presume you won't be as critical about our quirks as the average Joe. You offer a judgment-free zone for our kinkiest fantasies. Plus, we love that you haven't been sleeping around since 1989.

The Bad
Are you going to bring that iPhone to bed with you? Seriously, dude, try taking your eyes off your three hundred apps when you're out. We aren't exactly on Mars here; you really can breathe without the assistance of technology.

What Gets Us Hot
Different = Good. You obviously march to the beat of your own drummer. Whether that's because you can't hear the beat everyone else is marching to or you are truly into doing your own thing, we think of you as a bit of an iconoclast in the tradition of Bill Gates. Even if you were a four-eyed brace-face as a teen, we obviously think you're hot now, so don't be afraid to play up your weirder hobbies.


The Good
We love being the highest court in your land, but rest assured, we want you to pass muster. We adore being subjected to your silver tongue and hope you'll be able to use it to persuade us right out of our pants. Provide us with strong arguments and supporting evidence for why we should choose you, and be prepared with counter-arguments to totally win us over.

The Bad
Don't be that lawyer. You know what I'm talking about—the douche who always has to win. Needing to be top dog in every situation is a serious weakness, especially if that situation involves sex. Being able to concede power to your woman is a must. Sometimes, we need you to be able to take it lying down. Trust me, you'll be better off shutting up and getting ridden from time to time.

What Gets Us Hot
A good lawyer is as much recognized for his ability to listen and keep secrets as he is for his oratory abilities. Apply the sensitivity and discretion required in your line of work to our confidences, and we'll adore the socks off of you.



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