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Why Casual Sex Is Good For Your Body In More Ways Than One

As if you needed an excuse to have more of it.

Casual sex is good for your body in more ways than one. Researchers asked a group of willing (duh) college students to document their sexual encounters for 12 weeks, and monitored their overall well-being. In the end, those open to “sociosexually unrestricted” relations—aka sex with someone they didn’t know well and weren’t emotionally attached to—reported a higher sense of well-being and less stress after sex than afterno sex at all, says the study’s Zhana Vrangalova, Ph.D.

As for frequency, she says, “it seems even one casual encounter a week is enough to reap the benefits.” (However, she adds, if you’re basically against one-night stands in general, there’s no health benefit to forcing it.) Got that? Sex once a week. Doctor’s orders.

Source: Cornell University 

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