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Why Slow Sex is Better

Like a bottle of fine wine, great sex takes time.

Foolproof Pointers for Lengthening Your Lovemaking Time...

 - Do reps. According to the sex therapist Barbara Keesling, Ph.D., the stronger the muscles that control your orgasm are, the longer you'll last during sex. To strengthen them, contract the muscles you use to stop urinating for two seconds and release. Repeat 20-60 times daily.

 - Take deep breaths during sex. Forget reciting baseball stats. If you want to last longer, you need to slow your breathing down when you are close to ejaculating. Focusing on how quickly you inhale and exhale can help you avoid climaxing before you're ready.

 - Alternate strokes. While women just have one G spot, men have the equivalent of two: one near the prostate, and one on top of the penis, just below the head. That's why it's important to alternate between long and short strokes. You'll last longer, excite her, and get the extra stimulation you might other wise have missed banging it like a jackhammer.



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