Your Ultimate Sex Bucket List

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Your Ultimate Sex Bucket List

From dating a porn star to sex in the great outdoors, here are 10 things all men must experience before they die. How many have you knocked off?
Stairwells, elevators, stadium seating, hot tubs, fitting rooms —try one, or try ‘em all. “If you're new to public sex, try it on a balcony, as it offers the perfect balance of safety and risk,” O’Reilly recommends. “If intercourse seems too complicated or revealing, get creative with oral and manual stimulation.” However, she warns that you should also be aware of local laws. As hot as it may be in theory, you don't want to end up having actual conjugal-visit-sex anytime soon. “But the thrill of being watched or getting caught can heighten your response...and hers,” says O’Reilly.


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