Get off your ass! Hey, somebody had to say it. Somebody had to rise up against the malaise that tends to creep into us at this time of year, like a wedgie. I'll get started next year. I'll take winter off. I don't feel like working out and, besides, I'm gonna eat, eat, and eat some more through the holidays.

There's never a good time to become a slacker when it comes to your body, mind, and spirit. Or your life. But now's the worst time of all. About this time last year, we were still reeling from the collapse of Lehman Brothers, which triggered the worst economic conditions in our lifetime.

Now, the market has at least stopped throwing up. And yet we still try not to think about the value of our homes, and our portfolios (rather, the ashes of what was left of them) still haven't fully recovered.

Neither have we. Do we spend? Do we save? Do we grab our cash and curl into the fetal position beneath a Snuggie?

Hell, no. Now's the time to think differently. Now's the time to go against the grain, to be counterintuitive, to push forward as everyone else holds back. It's time to not just think outside the box, but to bust the sucker into splinters with a sledgehammer and vow never to worry again about the damn box.

Now's the time to think about winning again.

It's time to update your resume and decide your career move (rather than hide in your cubicle and let someone else decide it for you).

It's time to craft that business plan and set a timetable for launching that new enterprise.

It's time to book that trip to the one place you've always wanted to visit.

Too often we use this time of year to dial it back. We look forward to (or dread) the final weeks of the year as a time-sit. Our companies begin wrapping up their numbers. And our relatives start packing for their annual (read: dread) visit.

We start thinking about resolutions, things we'll do next year.

And we think until January.

What a waste.

Forget New Year's resolutions, and try some Now Year's resolutions. Before the end of the year... three new books.
...try a new sport.
...ramp up your workout.
...take a yoga class.
...learn to cook a new meal.

Use these last few weeks of '09 to get ahead of those who want to pause, refl ect...and get fat.

Resolve to be ready to win in '10.

Roy S. Johnson
Men's Fitness
Editor In Chief