I am never quite satisfied, and I'm not sure whether that's a gift—or a curse. It has prevented me from becoming complacent in my career and motivated me to always challenge myself and reach for more. It makes me try each day to become a better father, husband, and friend. A better boss. It's also a beast. It has prevented me from fully enjoying some of my achievements, accomplishments, and small victories. At least for more than a minute. It's also caused me to beat myself up over mistakes, missteps, and human failings.

All in, I'll take it, though. I'll take being the guy who's trying to get smarter, fitter, and better. Not the brickhead who thinks he's "made it," or the slug who strives for nothing. I'll bet you're more like me, seeking more out of yourself and expecting more from those around you. It's a delicate dance. You have to do more than want more. You have to put in the time and the energy. You must study. You must prepare. You must work your ass off. You must also be resilient enough to endure your inevitable mistakes, missteps, and human failings. Your small defeats. Then probably at least once in your life, you'll have to shake it up. You'll have to rip up the "plan" and start anew.

The recession has ripped up the plan for millions of us. We've all either been laid off at one point (count me in that group) or are worried about being laid off. We've seen our savings all but vaporize or can't seem to earn enough to start saving. So much for the plan.

If you're the guy who's trying to get better, you're good. You weren't satisfied when all of life was a "bull market," so don't be daunted, drained, or discouraged now that the "bear" has shredded your plan.

Shake it off and shake it up. While everyone else has their head tucked between their knees, seek new opportunities. Offer to take on more responsibility at work, duties that will have a positive impact on the bottom line. Take a course in something you've always been interested in. Pursue another career path. Cook a four-star meal for your lady just to show that no matter what the challenges, she's still your girl. And you're still The Man.

We're shaking it up at MF with a new look, as you may have already noticed. It's cleaner, more modern, and yet packed with even more of what you need to be a smarter, fitter, and better person. We did it because while we strive to make each issue better than the last, we weren't satisfied. Just as you're not satisfied with where you are.

Consider it our small victory for you.

Roy S. Johnson
Men's Fitness
Editor In Chief