Big games all over this weekend. Let's get right to the list.

Losing to Cleveland (CLEVELAND!) this year stopped their road win streak, and playing at home on prime time is apparently a tough combination to beat. It's a swing game. Of the G-Men can take it down, they'll jump very far ahead in that division, especially with the Steelers beating up Washington last Monday night. If Philly can squeak one out, everything tightens up.

Yeah. He looked good, much better than Derek Anderson has all year. Why would you trade picks to draft a franchise quarterback, then end up paying the stop-gap player millions to clog up your depth chart in the first place? That's why they're the Browns.

  • We'll exhaust this storyline as long as we need to: Is this the week the Titans go down?

I'm saying maybe, and at the very least, it could be a close game. Even without the maybe-he'll-play-anyway Kyle Orton, the Bears offense has looked pretty explosive, and rookie running back Matt Forte will rival Titans rookie RB Chris Johnson for offensive rookie of the year honors. I'm on the Tennessee bandwagon, but they don't seem to be able to move the ball through the passing game like a true dominant team should. You can't just run, run, run anymore. This isn't 1974. In a big spot, that receiving corps will let them down.

  • Will Mike Peterson play for the Jags this weekend, or ever again?

Weird situation in JAX. Coach Del Rio ripped his team following last week's how-could-you performance against the Bengals, asking no players to respond. Peterson did, Del Rio kicked him out, and he's not with the team today. Want to know the real most disappointing team in football? It's the Jags, who beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh in last year's playoffs.

  • Can Kurt Warner keep it going on Monday night?

Well, apparently he's a real MVP candidate, and I would not want to be Matt Leinart right now. He's just in total flux - no way to prove himself, and no one would want him to, anyway. Great tidbit on Showtime's Inside the NFL this week. Warner started wearing gloves at QB after hearing the media criticize his pension for fumbling. Who knew?

  • Don't you wish Favre was playing in the Packers Vikings game this weekend?

I don't even care for which team, I just want him there. After his flirtation with the Vikes, you had to think he would be in green and gold or purple this year. Saw the clip from Favre's touchdown pass in OT to beat the Broncos last year, and man, it's just not the same.

  • When will the Chargers wake up and start getting the ball to Darren Sproles?

This weekend, if they want to have any real shot of competing this season. They might win the AFC West by default, even if Jay Cutler's 440 yards on Thursday night will eventually have something to say about that, but they don't look like a team that could hang with the Titans, Giants, Redskins, or Cards. They just don't. Get Sproles the ball in space and add the new dimension that LT used to add.

Lightning round time!
Colts go for two in a row?
Sure. Can Byron Leftwich really be THAT good?

Is there a bigger surprise this season than the Falcons?
Nope, but the Saints offense will go bananas against them.

Who seizes the AFC East?
The Pats have muscle memory when it comes to winning. NE, unless they lose this weekend to Buffalo and the Jets the following game.