Some thoughts going into week six: In case you haven't been following, there's a noticeable shift in power throughout the NFL, especially the AFC. Last year, the Pats went undefeated (during the regular season, that is), the Chargers were dominant, the Colts were very good. This year? Shit, are the Dolphins really running this offense well enough to have beaten both the Pats and the Chargers in back to back games? I mean, it seems like no one knows anything about this league. The Ravens, Fish, Broncos, Steelers, Bills, Titans, and Jaguars are all legitimate.

In the NFC? There's some luster missing from "the star," and the New York Giants are the best team in the league. Feels good to type that, you know? They'll get Plax back this week, and the whole nation gets a chance to check out Big Blue on Monday night against the dreadful Browns. Let's start there, shall we?

  • How will the Giants get Plax back in the offense?

For the record: I did NOT like how Plax refused to apologize for missing a day of work, not calling the team, and getting suspended for the Seahawks game. I AM curious what happened, since he was so incredibly evasive about what happened. I will give him the benefit of the doubt - I mean, he caught the game-winner in the Super Bowl, played as good as any receiver has ever played in the Green Bay game, and did it all on one leg last year. Even after the Giants rolled 44-6 last week without him, he'll likely work right back in like nothing happened.

  • So, those 49ers look game, I guess. Right?

Well, sort of. I thought I had them pegged as a sleeper surprise contender in that awful, awful NFC west, but now I'm not so sure. The Pats had Pats magic last week, so that was going to be a hard game to win, especially after Cassell connected on that bomb to Moss. This week, though, against an Eagles team that has to have a win, I would not the 49ers with a 10-foot pole. There's no way the Eagles go to 2-4. No way.

Nails and iron, I think. Did you see him on Sunday night? You could not drag the guy to the turf, not with a bum shoulder, not with the game on the line, not ever. He's single-handedly leading his team (Mewelde Moore is the RB, 'nuff said). Ride him until the wheels fall off.

  • Who had week six in the "when will Pacman get in trouble" pool?

And he looked like he had it all figured out, too. Look, dude. You were responsible for a guy getting shot in Vegas and ending up paralyzed. You kept going to strip clubs. Now, with a second chance, you start a fight with the guy the Cowboys hired to keep you from starting fights. Grow the hell up already. Half the guys in this country would kill for your job.

But actually, keep it up. Have a feeling Larry Fitz will burn him this weekend.

  • How's that Ravens defense doing?

Maybe you caught our story on Ray Lewis. The man is an absolute beast, playing for a contract, and has that defense believing that no one believes in them. This is the week the Colts run out of miracles - there will be late-game heroics from Eli's older brother this week. it's hard to throw touchdowns when you're unconscious on the sidelines.

  • Who's got the leg up in the AFC championship rematch?

It's sort of an old news kind of game. NE is not the same team as they've been (winning on the road in San Fran now counts as a big win, I guess), and the Chargers are hit or miss. The Dolphins put the hurt on them last week, stopping LT on 4th and 1. Just bizarre. So, I guess, New England, with something to prove, may have an edge. San Diego has the real edge, though, when you factor in the Pats secondary and slow linebackers.

Let's call this the speed round, k? K.

  • Bengals, anyone?

No thanks. Jets by 24.

  • Three in a row for the fish?

Against the Texans. Absolutely.

  • Why are the Seahawks favored after losing by 38 last week?

Beats me. Go Pack go.