rocky-iv.jpgThat's the end of it. It's time to eat carbs again. And with a cheeseburger and fries, meatball hero, and felafel all under my belt in the past 12 hours, I'd say I'm already making up for lost time.

Seriously, though, I don't intend to bloat back up to my old self. I'll take the rest of this week to eat without guilt, forethought, or basic human restraint, but then I'm going to return to the good habits I developed over the last three months. It was too much damn work to get this far, and I'm going to try to make it last--you may not lift my shirt and find six-pack abs next month (enjoy 'em while they last, ladies), but I won't turn into Elvis.
For the record, I lost 35 pounds. My body fat dropped to 11%. I put 50 some pounds on my squat for an all-time PR, and I took six inches off my waist.
It's time to acknowledge all the people who helped me out along the way. I never asked for a cheering section, and I had my share of haters, but there were a few individuals who were genuinely supportive and made a big difference for me and I want that known.
First and foremost, Jason Ferruggia. It was his program and his gym that I can credit the bulk (no pun intended) of my results to. The fact that he outlined pretty much my whole diet off the top of his head over lunch one day should tell you something about the guy. My results, which you'll see in the September issue, prove that I put my faith in the right person. I'll never forget it, brother... Now what's next?
The Renegade Gym crew, particularly Brian Eskow. Brian hurt his back and couldn't squat or pull, but he still met me every Saturday and helped me train. He was the Franco to my Arnold. If the threat of getting anything less than stellar results wasn't motivation enough to train hard, hearing Brian yell and scream behind you while you have 350-plus pounds on your back and no carbs in your body certainly was. Now he's on the mend and it's my turn to help him come back. It won't take long.
Orlando Lopez, you were one of the few who seemed to understand what I was doing. And perhaps the first to notice the results. And thanks for repeatedly reminding me how distended my stomach was beforehand. I never realized how morbidly obese I was until you told me again and again. Thanks for that ;-)
Melissa Hobley and Belisa Vranich. Thanks for testing my resolve by subjecting me to every possible temptation. Really though, I appreciate the fun nights out and helping me break up the monotony of cooking, eating, training, and sleeping.
Brandon Guarneri and Dean Stattmann. Two fellow MFers who "get it", and they respected the process and rooted me on. I appreciate the support, guys, and I hope you know I'd do the same for you. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Dean even trained with me in Jersey. He's got a lot of heart and will be proving it in a boxing ring for an upcoming feature.
Stacy, I appreciate your patience with the whole process. I'm sorry it cut into our fun. You were understanding and supportive beyond the call of duty, and I will never forget it.
Now it's time to pimp the abs while they last and tell everybody I stand in for "The Situation" on Jersey Shore. No, screw that, I'm going to find that guy and beat the piss out of him.
And then Monday, I'll be starting a new diet. Stay tuned.