I'm an editor and this is my blog. Which is strange because I don't consider myself a public person. I edit sex and relationship articles, my own as well as others. By the time my article comes out, it has been stripped and cleaned and copy edited, so in a way I barely recognize it. So a blog is new to me. Now don't get me wrong, I am a loud mouth. My friends call me AM radio because of my love for gossip and trash talking. But I don't like to get caught talking shit and I'm concerned that this blog will be my eventual downfall because I will inevitably end up revealing something about someone I know/care about/ or possibly am sleeping with. So, just to put it out there as a general disclaimer: All names have been changed and any story I reference is only something I heard once happened to someone I may have once known.

Now, to jump right in, balls to the wall...

Condoms present the stickiest of problems. We know we are supposed to
use them and without them, God knows how many diseases we would be
passing back and forth. So, we are thankful we have them. All in all,
it makes us a little less guilty when we wake up in the morning next to a
stranger.  The real  problem resides in
the fact that condoms--in general--suck!

Up until recently, the only options have been latex, lambskin (which I'm not even going to touch) and polyurethane. Latex, in my opinion, has a number of problems. For one, it stinks and the smell is hard to wash off even when you give a good scrub. Two, some people develop latex allergies which apparently is very uncomfortable, though I can't speak from experience having never had one one nor known someone who has. Three, latex condoms comes in so many different sizes, it is difficult to find a perfect fit. As a woman, I find that I have to keep a variety of sizes and styles around just in case I need to conduct a "fitting" when I bring home someone new.

Now, polyurethane was introduced as a thinner, feel-good, allergy-free alternative. That's fine, although, they are not without problems of their own. Turns out that polyurethane condoms are even more ill-fitting and stretch even less than their latex cousins. The result is more breakage and *cough* more "mistakes". (I mean, if we are going to be responsible and use condoms, shouldn't they do what they were designed to do?)

Enter Polyisoprene. Now, I ask: What has taken them so long??
Just recently, LifeStyles introduced their SKYN condom made of polyisoprene. Again, it is non-latex so it's perfect for allergy sufferers. I wrote about them in the August issue and I like them so much, I am writing about them again now. It's the best condom out there. The new material allows for more sensation and, best of all, it STRETCHES! It truly is the closest thing to wearing nothing. Trust me. Look for it and try it.