Chad Johnson really is crazy. The Cincinnati Bengal who once changed his last name to Ochocinco has finally crossed the line of sanity by publicly challenging UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva to a fight.

During an interview in early March, the star of VH1's "The Ultimate Catch" called out the Muay Thai master and vowed that he'd take him out. The six-time Pro Bowler even hopped on Twitter to continue the feud, messaging UFC honcho Dana White, "Dana tell Anderson once the CBA [collective bargaining agreement] expires tomorrow I'm free to beat his a$$ any time any where!! Set it up!"

Unsurprisingly, the always media-savvy White responded with, "If that CBA doesn't get resolved, @ochocino ur (sic) gonna have to fight anderson! I'm ready whenever u (sic) are. Let's do it!"

The boastful Johnson's fighting words have gotten him some media attention, so he's laughed off his challenge in recent interviews. But he did admit, "I'm crazy enough to get in there."

It could turn out to be a good idea in the end. After all, a kick from The Spider might knock some sense into Ochocinco.

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