We love our fans; every new 'like' on our Facebook page is another person we can help make healthier. And, in the case of our 50,000th fan on Facebook, PowerBlock wanted to help too.

Congratulations to Jimetrius Lewis of Saint Marys, Georgia—executor of our 50,000th Facebook "like." For his incredibly good taste in fan pages, Jimetrius will receive his own set of Powerblocks, "the world's best dumbbell," delivered to his doorstep.

The U-50 Urethane Series, one of PowerBlock's many weight-adjustable dumbbell sets, replaces the equivalent of 1,049 lbs. of free weights, providing a color-coded weight range of five to 50 pounds per hand. The dumbbells are adjustable in 2.5-pound increments, replacing 20 pairs of dumbbells in the space of just one.

Now, instead of walking down the rack of dumbbells in the gym or waiting for an open machine, Jimetrius can get a quick, customizable workout on the walk to his kitchen. Congratulations to Jimetrius and thanks to Powerblock.

Check out Powerblock.com for your own set, and keep following us on Facebook for more chances to win great prizes.