We've been over the Game 1 destruction of the Orlando Magic, and even though Dwight Howard took only six shots and scored only 12 points, he'll likely bounce back. This has as much to do with the size of his shoulders, as it has to do with his new strategy to keep himself from getting fatigued. After playing for Team USA last summer and through a full NBA season this year, it's natural for there to be some wear and tear on Howard's body. So, starting last night, Howard's  made the switch to the TS Commander LT, a player edition sneakers that's a full six ounces lighter than the one he wore during the regular season. They're available this October from ADIDAS for $100.

D. Howard is also signing each pair of game-worn sneakers and auctioning them off on NBA.com, which is great, but may or may not be able to help him find a perimeter defender who can keep Kobe from scoring 40 in Game Two.