You might think it's the "off-season" for NFL athletes, but there's very little time away from the game for anyone who's serious about making a name for themselves in this league. We're about four weeks from the NFL Draft, but there's plenty of other off-season activities going on at facilities all around the country. Guys are lifting to add five pounds to their frames, which might translate to another 1.5 sacks next year, which could be the difference between $4 and $9 million in guaranteed money. These guys never, ever, seem to take any time off, at least nothing more than a few weeks.

We got a glimpse inside the mind of a young player using the off-season to bulk up over at Apparently second-year man Quentin Groves is spending his time off the field in the kitchen.

" 'Eating is money. That's how I push myself to eat,' Groves said. "

Groves, who's looking to make more of an impact this season, is one of the many who knows that poundage directly translates to their success. Check out the story to read a bit more about the mentality of forcing yourself to eat.