Take a guess. You'd think it would be some version of Madden, right? Or maybe the wildly successful first UFC Undisputed game? Or could it be that the newer version of Punch Out!! is the winner?

Well, you'd be wrong if you guessed any of those. Because the official title of the fastest selling sports video game in history belongs to...

...FIFA 11.

In only six days on shelves in the U.S. and only two in Europe, EA's soccer title has already sold a remarkable 2.6 million copies. Even crazier, the company released FIFA World Cup 2010 just a few months ago, and last year's FIFA 10 title had held the record until now.

So apparently soccer really is the biggest sport in the world, at least according to video game sales. Huh. Who knew?

Oh, right. Everyone but us. Got it.

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