You may remember Kevin Nee from MTV's True Life: I Want the Perfect Body 2, you may remember him from a photo we ran to accompany a story on how to train like a strongman. Either way, Nee is the youngest competitor ever in the history of the World's Strongest Man competition (he was 19 at the time), and today he's become a full-time pro strongman.

He's like a refrigerator with eyebrows, and we mean that in the nicest way possible, since he recently set a strongman record in the deadlift by pulling over 900 pounds.

Nine. Hundred. Pounds.

That's, like, five of me.

That's like three Hulk Hogan's in his prime.

It's like almost a half ton.

Might as well let the big guy tell the story himself. From an email I received last month:

"Yea it was in Norway on the 5th of July and it was a wsm super series
competition. It was done on a regular Olympic bar and weights. It was called a last man standing deadlift where they would put on a weight and everyone would do it. If u missed, u were out, but if u made it then u went on to the next lift. The weights were 300 kilo, 330 kilo, 360 kilo, 380 kilo, 400 kilo and the 410 kilo. Which in pounds are 660, 726, 792, 836, 881 and then 903. It was crazy cause 400 kilo or 881 was a personal best already."

Nee then went on to bang out 900.

"I was also under the impression that I was trying 405 kilo so mentally I thought I was trying less which I think helped me. When I was finished with the lift they told me it was 410."

It's not a deadlift world record, an honor which goes to Andy Bolton, who has pulled over 1,000 lbs in one shot. Nee's may be more impressive, though. He performed the lift after four other events, and within the span of 15 minutes hit all his dead lifts. Unreal. And the thing is, Nee didn't come running to me with these numbers. The guy is so humble, he felt like he would be seen as cocky for drawing attention to his efforts in the contest. He didn't want to brag.

What a guy.

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