On Saturday, February 12, Fedor Emelianenko returns to the cage against Antonio Silva in the first round of Strikeforce's tournament for the vacant heavyweight championship. It's The Emperor's first match since his shocking submission loss to Fabricio Werdum in June of last year. But don't think the MMA legend's sole defeat in a decade will have him coming into this next bout as an underdog. Before this weekend's big Showtime special, MF gives you a quick reminder of some of Fedor's hardest hits.

In many ways, the legend of Fedor began with this dominating victory over the massive Gary Goodridge in 2003. The big man was already the top man in Japan's Pride promotion at this point, but Goodridge was the first opponent he completely decimated with a series of brutal strikes on a major stage. From there, the majority of the fighters Emelianenko faced would go down in the first round and he would become the most feared competitor in the cage.

Tim Sylvia was the unlucky fighter selected to be Fedor Emelianenko's opponent in this battle for the vacant World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship. But maybe battle is the wrong word to use because Emelianenko destroyed Sylvia in an embarrassing 36 seconds, destroying the former UFC standout with strikes before submitting him with a perfect rear naked choke. It was a sure sign that Fedor wasn't just an overseas sensation.

If Fedor's loss to Fabricio Werdum left a bad taste in your mouth, just rewatch Emelianenko's last victory. Taking on the touted Brett Rogers, The Emperor actually struggled through the early parts of the fight. And then he knocked his opponent's head into the cheap seats. Connecting with an absolutely blistering right hand, the 230-pounder reminded fans just how dangerous his fists truly are.

In all honesty, few MMA experts expected Andrei Arlovski to defeat Fedor leading up to their 2009 showdown, but the former UFC Heavyweight Champion was actually doing very well against The Emperor in the opening minutes of the bout. That was until The Pit Bull made an ill advised leapin strike towards Emelianenko and was knocked out in mid-air. Even in slow-motion, Fedor's punch looks like a glancing blow at best, but the devastation it caused shows the big man's brute power.

Not a great hit from Fedor, but the ultimate example of the types of hits Fedor can take. In this 2004 brawl with former UFC Heavyweight Champion Kevin Randleman, the Russian tough guy was brutally suplexed on his head. The devastating maneuver would've neither any other fighter, but Emelianenko shook it off and came back to win the bout with a kimura before the first round was even close to done.

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