Rageful hotheads more likely to succumb to stroke and heart attack.

A scientific review of past studies has found that intense outbursts of emotion can have dangerous health consequences. Psychological stress can increase heart rate and blood pressure. Over time the damage can add up leading to a life-threatening attack. [AFP]

"Heart sock" machine could replace pacemakers.

An innovative new machine could become the de facto technology for regulating and sustaining a down-beaten heart, perhaps revolutionizing cardiology. Made from a silicon membrane and packed with sensors, it would conform snuggly to the shape of the heart (like a sock on a foot) and not only regulate heartbeat, but also measure statistics like temperature and electrical activity. [MedicalDaily

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More research concludes fish oil is phenomenal for heart health.

A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health found that diets rich in the omega-3 fatty acids prevalent in fish greatly fortified cardiovascular health by reducing inflammation and slowing the build-up of fatty plaques in arteries. However, the study's lead author, Dr. Sekikawa, seemed hesitant to recomend eating more seafood, since a fish-heavy diet could expose one to toxins soaked up from increasingly polluted oceans. Fish oil supplements could be a much wiser option in the long run. [EurekAlert

Keep off the weight with "pocket dietitians."

A new study, e-Care for Heart Wellness, suggests that having online access to dietitians from mobile phones and smart devices can help people make diet-friendly decisions and stick to their nutritional goals. [EurekAlert]