Yes, you get a gun. Just not yet.

K, so. There's a bunch of titles flooding gamers this fall, and a lot of them seem to be pretty good. But there's a difference between being good, and actually being worth $60. So which titles should make you break out your debit card?

Let's start with Halo 3: ODST.

WHAT IT IS: The latest installment in the Halo franchise, originally conceived as DLC, but eventually became it's own standalone title. ODST stands for Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. You are not going to be controlling Master Chief, but a regular soldier who isn't like nine feet tall. Initially, Bungie wanted to make the ODST concept an add-on to Halo 3 to enrich the story, but the scope of the project ballooned out of control. It's a nice nod to their fans to offer something like this, even if it's a bit pricey. It would be a must-have at basically any DLC price point.

WHY YOU'D WANT IT: If you're a fan of first-person shooters, aliens, Halo, epic instrumental music, skulls, teabagging, headshots, health meters, or laser guns.


There's a cool night vision option. Obviously, it is not pictured.

You get all the multi-player maps from Halo 3, a new multi-player mode that's obviously inspired by GAW 2's Hoarde Mode, called Firefight, and a new campaign.
Plus, you get hooked up with some advance Halo: Reach action, which seems like a safe bet to be worth your time.

But more than that, you get a cleverly disguised entry point into the Halo universe.

If you're like me, and picked up a 360 after playing PS and PSII for years, you may have missed out on the last-gen Halo experience, and if there's ever a title that demands you pay really close attention from the beginning, it's Halo. The point of ODST is to roam around the city of New Mombassa and gather bits of information to help lead you to your squad. Missions trigger cut scenes once you find clues that explain bits and pieces of the plot, not only in this game, but within the overreaching Halo story. This can absolutely help new fans learn more about the game, and it's a rich experience for established fans, as well. The campaign mode may be short, but for anyone with bills and a job, it won't feel that short.

VERDICT: Even though the price is a bit steep, this one's fun enough to make it worth your while.

Out now on XBox 360. Learn more here.