Hopefully you guys saw/heard about Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt's jaw-dropping 100M sprint over the weekend. Bolt, a 6'5" gazelle-like cyborg, ran a 9.69, by far besting his own world record in the race.

When introduced before taking the blocks, Bolt stroke a flashy pose, supremely confident and relaxed, looking like a pro wrestler. He threw away a fifth of the race, celebrating with his arms outstretched at around the 85 meter mark, and still ran it faster than anyone ever ran it,  pounding on his chest as he crossed the finish line.

But get this: Bolt apparently ran the race with one shoe untied. Not only that, but when asked about how he prepared for the event, Bolt explained that he spent the day napping and noshing on chicken nuggets.

So much for brown rice and oatmeal, right?

Wrong, obviously.

Bolt can eat crap and still perform on a world-class level because of his genetics. His body is more efficient than most people's at processing raw nutrients, which allows him to make the most out of the worst kind of food. Most people are not so lucky. If you regularly eat deep fried balls of chicken and try to train hard, you'll get a wakeup call.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't to say what Bolt did isn't awesome. 

As long as he shows up clean, that is.