If I could go back in time and tell the 12-year old version of myself that one day, there would be a basketball video game that had something called a Jordan Challenge, which included multiple versions of MJ complete with different skill sets and playable career highlights, I would have passed out.

So I'm thrilled that 2K went out and fully licensed a playable Michael Jordan, as well as classic teams (like the '91-'92 Blazers and '95-'96 Seattle Sonics) and fully rendered classic players for NBA 2K11. The Jordan Challenge mode includes the double nickel in the Garden and his last game for the Bulls in the '98 Finals against the Jazz, but personally, I can't wait to play through The Flu Game.

Check out the latest video from 2K below. The game drops on October 5th.

And I'd have the Bulls in any of those matchups, except for Genghis. Dude was ruthless.

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