Thursday, June 18th

    When I awoke this morning I immediately checked today's WOD. As Crossfit certification was still taking place at the box, I knew the WOD would be taking place at Brookdale Park again. That could only mean one thing: more bear crawls. Don't think for a second I was afraid of them. No, I wasn't going to cut my Crossfit training for the day if the WOD had bear crawls. No chance. I wanted a second crack at the (insert here)s.


"Don't Poke the Bear"

6 rounds for time of:

Bear crawl the endzone

Sprint the sideline

     Perfect. I anxiously awaited the 7:00 rendezvous at Brookdale park. This time I would come to prepared. Since making a weekday session is always difficult, I packed my workout gear to take into the city with me so I could go straight from work. This time, in addition to my usual sweet-looking get up, I included a pair of gardening gloves I found in the basement. No more hand scrapes for me. One thought lingered in my mind throughout the day: "Bear crawl, I'm ready for you."

    Leaving the office was a nightmare. As I was a little busier than usual, I left slightly later than my regular departure time. Making the 7:00 session at Brookdale would be a squeeze. Regardless, I sprinted crosstown through the soaking rain (I need to learn how to use the subway for days like this) and made the 5:45 PM bus. I napped to avoid having to talk to my overly lonely neighbor until I heard the driver's voice sound over the loud speakers; "Well Guys, looks like there's a bunch of traffic out there. You might want to call ahead and tell the honey that you're late." Great. Too bad the bear crawl didn't have a cell phone. I'd call that (insert here) and have him wait patiently at Brookdale for me to show up, looking exceptionally cool in my gardening gloves.

Note to newbies: Incase you're wondering, yes, I am addressing the bear crawl as if it were a person. To me it is far more than a mere exercise, it is the personification of my weakness, and I was going to conquer it. In case you haven't noticed, my thinking is becoming progressively Crossfit.

    "Oh, you're awake!" Oh crap. My bus neighbor saw me open my eyes and would now probably want to tell me all about his lay-off and his divorce and whatever else made him desperately want to talk to the poor guy sitting next to him on the bus.

    "No, I'm not!" I answered, and quickly threw my head back onto my makeshift pillow and feigned sleep for the rest of the hour long bus ride.

    I arrived at Brookdale at 7:15, breathless from rushing to get to revenge on Mr. Bear Crawl. While I caught my breath, I searched desperately around for a Bill, Sean, Drea, Gregg, Rhabdo, heck; any Crossfit trainer willing to help me exact vengeance! None were to be found. Normally in that sort if situation I would have gone ahead with the WOD anyway, regardless of the apparent cancellation of the Thursday at 7 Crossfit, but I had forgotten what the WOD prescribed, save bear crawls. After ten minutes of waiting, I gave up and hopped back in the car. I checked when I reached home and found, true to my suspicion, that the WOD had been a rain out. My second date with the bear crawl would have to wait.

    Sorry to dissappoint you all with such a bummer of a blog entry, but you must sympathize with me. Imagine how (insert here)ed off I was when I found that what I had been looking forward to all day had been cancelled!

    However, I would like to take this "off-entry" as an opportunity to say that I enjoy and encourage readers to post questions or comments on the blog. I read each of them and will address any and all questions or requests posted. I can also be reached at Thanks!

    Additionally, I do have some pictures from yesterday's WOD. Photos courtesy of Stephen Nolan. Notice how pathetic I look while doing the bear crawl. I will have my revenge.

Next workout: Friday, 9:00 AM