Recently, Tour Players have been in the news for more injuries than ever, and concern for the golfer’s bodies has hit an all-time high.

What could be the culprit? One guess is their workout ethic has grown immensely. These days, The Tour is home to stronger, more muscular players, but with that comes more stress on their joints and an increased chance they will get hurt pushing their bodies to the limit in the gym.

Another possible reason for this increase is players focusing exclusively on golf at a younger age, which lengthens the time-span of potential problems. The earlier their bodies are getting beaten up, the greater risk of injury down the line.

Many of the players are also concentrating more on the mental aspect of exercising and not on proper form, which is key to avoiding injuries. Proper training is beneficial because it increases flexibility, strengthens the muscle allows for more mobility, and prevents muscular imbalances, but it must be done safely.

So, what can we takeaway from these injury reports? Don’t overtrain. Push yourself, but make sure you understand the fine line between strengthening your body and going too far. 

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