uni.jpgWho is this guy?  And what the f*ck is he doing?
Okay, it's just some jackass on a unicycle.  Settle down.

Point is I'm here to make sure this guy isn't you - that is, unless you're about to kickoff a hardcore uni-training regimen (in which case I'd recommend the new Coker Cycle V2 one-wheeler).  What I won't do is tell you how the hell it's going to get you fit. 

What I'm saying is, as the resident gear and tech expert here at MF it is my mission to bring you the best of the best - and sometimes the lamest of the lame - new products for us to lust after and, when appropriate, ridicule.  There will be all sorts of sporting gear, electronic gizmos, vehicles, tech gadgets high and low, and myriad other cool stuff.  There will not be any mention of couture fashion, Bikram yoga, or dog breeding.  Except when there is.

All questions, comments and concerns are welcome and will be ignored on a case by case basis.  Be funny, insightful or - at the very least - inoffensive and you might even get to join in on the action.