Wanna know the real secret to getting great results from your workouts fast? It's training in a highly-intense, take-no-prisoners environment with like-minded people who push you to work your hardest. Trainers everywhere agree that you can follow the best-written exercise program and eat the most meticulously balanced meals and still look like the guy from Jake and the Fat Man (and I'm not talking about Jake). What joins you with your ultimate goal is the amount of effort you put in, and a hard-core gym has a way of plumbing that effort out of you like nothing else.
I've had the pleasure of training at such a place lately--The Renegade Gym in Watchung, NJ. Owned and operated by MF's training adviser, Jason Ferruggia, it's home to elite athletes as well as regular men and women of all levels who come to train hard. I could go on and on about the camaraderie between the members, and the absolute mayhem that ensues with every workout, but I think this video would get the message across much better.
Look for a lanky, bearded fellow jumping onto a 49-inches high box and pulling 405 off the rack. That's me. 



For more info, visit TheRenegadeGym.com.