At 111 years old, Alexander Imich recently became the oldest man in the world after another man, Italian Arturo Licata, died last month just a week before his 112th birthday. When asked by NBC reporters earlier this week how he’s made it so far beyond the century mark, he did what old men do: He came back with common sense. “I don’t know, I simply didn’t die earlier," he told reporters. 

Imich was born 26 years before the Great Depression, a year before NYC’s first subway line started up, and the same year as the very first New York Yankees season. But honestly, how did Imich, a New York City resident, make it this long? Where is his fountain of youth? Imich said he practiced gymnastics and was a swimmer. He married his childhood sweetheart but never had children (contributing to less stress?). He also credited a clean diet that included absolutely no booze. In fact, not only does the Polish immigrant and retired chemist refrain from alcohol, he doesn’t eat much either.

“There are some people in India who do not eat,” Imich informed the New York Times this week. Still, the story went on to explain that Imich's diet includes fish, chicken noodle soup, crackers, and scrambled eggs. Of course, no clean diet is without cheat meals. Imich also has a thing for chocolate and ice cream.

Seriously, after 111 years, dude should be allowed to eat whatever he damn well pleases.

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