You know what’s infuriating? Hitting a plateau. Most of us like the challenge of working out because it's you versus the weights, miles, or ergometer and there’s no cheating—either you’re getting better or you’re being complacent. When you get stuck and can’t hit a new PR (Personal Record) it means it's time to change up something in your training. What you should consider before a major overhaul, however, is some music.

A study by the Physical Education Department at Sao Paulo State University suggests that individuals who listen to music they enjoy while exercising can increase muscular endurance. On the other hand, listening to music you don’t like will make the workout seem harder. Head to iTunes, make a list of your favorites and take em’ to the gym. Here are some old standbys to get your list started:

1.) Eye Of The Tiger — Survivor

Seriously, you just can’t go wrong with this one. Having been used in countless montages, its easily one of the most epic exercise tunes ever. Crank it up and unleash your inner Rocky.

2.) X Gonna Give it To You — DMX

It's DMX. Half the song is him barking like a dog, the other half is him screaming obscenities into the microphone. Use this one when you need to get really riled up.

3.) Everlong — Foo Fighters

Honestly, it's just a good song. Nothing crazy on the guitars, drums or bass, but it works. It’ll keep you going during those marathon cardio sessions.

4.) Welcome To The Jungle — Guns N’ Roses

You know it. You love it. It’s in practically every commercial for a “hardcore gym." Use it when you’re lifting in an un-air conditioned garage in 100-degree heat at 7 a.m.

5.) Killing in the Name Of — Rage Against The Machine

If you need to get pissed off about something to exercise, check this one out. The chorus is heavy and hard, which is a great way to get ready for a new PR.

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