This Sunday night, I'll have the good fortune of being in the house, house, house at the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania. As a childhood wrestling fan, this is pretty much a dream come true. I'll be doing my best to uncover little insider nuggets throughout the weekend, checking in as often as I can, leaving you guys the sights and sounds of the Grandaddy of them all.

My first interaction with a pro wrestler wasn't even with a WWE superstar. After a delay on my departing flight set me back two hours, I quickly realized that maybe 10-12 people sitting around me were also headed for Wrestlemania. There was a frenetic energy as everyone sort of ran through their best memories of the WWE and made predictions for this weekend. A tall, blond woman strode on the plane, and she looked vaguely familiar. I was seated in front of a very friendly dude, who was in his early 30s and hadn't flown before, who instantly struck up conversation with her.

"You look kind of familiar, is all," he said. "What's your name?"


And then it came flooding back.Missy is/was Missy Hyatt, a former manager/valet for the WCW. Holding court most of the flight, talking about the wrestling industry and how it's changed. She seemed to have a lot of work done, and barely looked like the way I remembered her.

Later on today, I'm supposed to be attending THQ's 7th annual superstar challenge, a video game tournament for the wrestlers. I'm hoping I'll have more to update later on tonight than a run in with a former manager from 15 years ago.