A well-built guy just can't get a break. Jim Wendler, a strength coach and senior editor at elitefts.com, and the author of our "Build an NFL Neck" workout in the April issue, has said the following (pardon my paraphrasing): If a guy has big arms or ripped abs, people think he's a narcissist. If he has big legs, no one will ever notice.

But a massive yoke commands instant respect.
I've done ab and arm routines over the years, but for the last two months, the only muscle groups I really cared about bringing up were the traps and neck. And they were the most fun. Everyone in the gym thought I was crazy (you'll see why when you get a look at my neck harness), and because I had never done direct neck training before, I had that much more enthusiasm for it.
I hit it hard, following the routine Wendler laid out in the magazine, and I saw a half-inch increase in about eight weeks. Now I can't say that people are moving out of my way when they see me coming, but I'm pleased with my progress so far.
I never liked wearing ties. Now I have an excuse not to.
Check out some video I did of my workouts at mensfitness.com/yokeworkout (it should be up tomorrow).