Back in our December/January double issue, we gave you an inside look into Jacksonville Jaguar's running back Maurice Jones-Drew's off-season workout. Since then, the Jags severed ties with the franchise's all-time leading rusher, Fred Taylor, and they're working on locking up MJD with a long-term contract. So, with some time to kill, the young running back is trying to enjoy what's left of his vacation. Also, he's apparently doing the most awesome cardio ever.

Deadspin linked to an MJD interview with Sports Illustrated's Dan Patrick today, and Jones-Drew called in from Egypt. Apparently, he's running the pyramids to stay in shape.


I mean, maybe there's a more awesome kind of cardio, like "running the rock," which UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn showcased before his fight with GSP earlier this year. Penn free-drove to the bottom of a body of water, grabbed a heavy rock, and ran, under water, as long as he could before returning to the surface to take a few deep breaths. "True anaerobic," he said on the show, which is right. The body doesn't take in oxygen, so it learns to use the oxygen in the body in a more efficient way.

We never realized our stationary bike cardio was so lame, but, well. Here we are.