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It seems like every year the NBA season starts off with a ton of hype but within a few weeks the excitement wanes. Blame it on the NFL and college football ramping up, college basketball tipping off, or the NBA season's freshness fading away. Whatever the reason, it seems like it's not until All-Star Weekend that the NBA regains fan's undivided attention. This season, though, there's been more than enough drama to keep even the most one-track minded fan paying close attention. Here are some of the most recent story lines:

  • Cuban's worst move since letting Nash get away?
    I never thought I would be able to find a link between Martha Stewart and Mark Cuban. Then again, I never thought I would mention Martha Stewart in a Men's Fitness blog either. Anyway, by now, I'm sure you've heard all about the Cuban insider trading scandal.

    As of when I'm typing this, it looks as though Cuban wasn't in the wrong for selling his shares of stock. Some sources even think he will win the case as long as he didn't make a promise of confidentiality to CEO Guy Faure during their 2004 phone conversation.

    What has been overlooked in this whole escapade, though, is that Cuban's alleged insider trading is the closest thing to a post presence for Mavs since Cuban took over the team. Whether or not he is found guilty, that's the kind of proactive ownership that's got to make Dallas fans feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  • Knicks eye the future
    Can you imagine being so good that teams completely reshape their roster nearly 2 years in advance of your free agency just for the chance to spend millions on you?

    The Knicks did just that today, trading away Jamal Crawford, Zach Randoph, and Mardy Collins 2 large contracts expiring in 2011 for Al Harrington, Tim Thomas, and Cutino Mobley 3 contracts expiring in 2010, the year the LeBron James comes off the books.

    The move leaves the Knicks with a much different roster after shipping away their two top scorers. In fact, I'm not even sure who's starting. I would assume David Lee and Tim Thomas will start as their "bigs," with Harrington, Mobley, and Duhon as the guards, but you never know with D'Antoni's affinity for Q Rich.

    I would try and analyze the trade a little bit more, but it doesn't make sense to. The trade happened for one reason only, and it wasn't to create a logical roster.

    Enjoy your wait, Knicks fans. You and Steph can watch together.

  • The Indelible Gilbert
    In breaking news (unintentional), I realize that I have been grossly wrong about Gilbert Arenas. For the last two season, I thought he was made of glass. It turns out that he was in fact made of wax. Silly me.

    In other insanity, Gilbert said that the Wizard's record--more exactly how far out of the playoff race they are--could be a determining factor in his return date (which has once more been pushed back, now to January of 2009).

    And he got a tattoo.

    Excuse me if I yawned while typing that, but if Arenas doesn't get back on the court for real this time, he'll probably be spending his Friday nights playing X Box with his wax self. Which would be sad, but not altogether surprising for Gilbert.