To be an intern at Men's Fitness, you need to be fit in multiple forms of the word. I had to prove not only my physical fitness (carry 30 back issues across the office 12 times in under a minute), my mental fitness (if an assistant editor instructs you to do something that the Editor in Chief later yells at you for, whose fault is it?), and financial fitness (lean is in this year thankfully), but also my sports fitness. While none of what I just wrote is true, it is true that I'm a total sports and fitness junkie, especially when it comes to the NBA.

So, when I'm not busy raking in the big $ from MF (that's another untruth) and being the best intern I can be, you'll get my take on the glory that is the NBA. Enjoy.

Halloween, a new 2k/Live, and a dose of Drew Gooden insanity can mean only one thing: the NBA is upon us once more. Along with it are fresh storylines, fresh 'doos, and some freshly coronated champions--lets dig in.

  • Did you know that "Knicks" starts with W?

    Running style coach. Plodding style team. Fed up style fans. Overpaid/washed up style point guard. Add it all up and get... a win?

    Sure, it may not make mathematical sense. But something about the Knicks makes me a believer. Mike D'Antoni took just one game to set a new tone for the 'bockers with his benching of Marbury and Curry and his cursing of the NY fans.

    I'm not saying they'll be a 1 seed (it was the Heat after all), but the East will have a mess of teams beating each other up for the last 4 playoff spots all season long. Could the Knicks work a little MSG magic, act like a real basketball team for a full season, and potentially sneak into the postseason?

    It all starts with a W.

  • Greg Woeden

    Really Greg? A half? You couldn't even get a bucket first? I'm not going to jump on the Sam-Bowie-second-coming bandwagon or anything, but the word disheartening doesn't even begin to describe it.

    I'm giving him his 2-4 weeks, and if he breaks my heart one more time, it's officially over. I was expecting a renaissance from him--a return to the age of big men born to work in the post and own the lane. Instead, I got a bad children's song.

    Tonsils, wrists, knees and mid-feet and mid-feet.

  • One DEEP Lakeshow

    It's not like the Lakers were lacking off-season hype or anything. But it wasn't until I saw their first game that I fully realized just how deep this team runs. In two games, no player has logged more than 33 minutes. No player has broken a sweat in those two games either (+20 vs. the Blazers, +38 vs. the Clips).

    Their bench consists of Odom, Farmar, Vujacic, Ariza, Mihm, Walton, and Josh Powell. Notice I only had to use a first name for one of those players for you to recognize them. Farmar blossomed into a scary-good playmaker over the summer, Ariza looks as healthy/springy as ever, and Odom is arguably the best 6th man in the league (Odom, Posey, Hill).

    Kobe's not PJ Brown yet, but he's put some years on his frame due to all those playoff runs, and he certainly had a long summer. The combination of a fully capable 12-man roster and legitimately solid inside game will make Kobe's burden feel feather-esque--a scary thought for any Hornets or Jazz fans come playoff time.