UFC 2009: Undisputed has sold millions of copies, and the momentum behind the sport, and the video game, continues to push the franchise to produce new content. Check out this clip of Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan in the studio working on audio for the next UFC game, which should compete with EA's MMA title, due out next summer, from one of the best sports game blogs out there, Pastapadre.com:

"Joe Rogan has posted up a video of himself and Mike Goldberg recording some audio for UFC 2010.
Nothing about the game to learn from the video except that clearly it's
in active development and likely to be out next summer to compete with

Speaking as someone with 90 wins online, only a handful from the elusive 100th, the sequel can't come soon enough. On my short list of crave-worthy new features?

  • Full ring entrances, if only for main event fights. One of the best parts of the UFC is the full-on walk outs with theme music. Usually, that's only shown for fights that end up getting air time, so it would make sense that if you're fighting in career mode on the undercard, you wouldn't see a walkout. However, if you work up to that point, getting rewarded with an entrance would be really satisfying.
  • Less confusing and irritating menus. In the first game, each menu had to be advanced one screen at a time, both forwards and backwards. That means that in order to put logos on your trunks, you had to go step by step from adjusting the fighter's look, choosing new trunks, selecting the size of the logos, the colors, the placing, all that stuff - and then when you're done, you had to move back one screen at a time, from the placing, to the color, to choosing the trunks. You couldn't just finish and move on. That must change.

  • A bit more interaction with the cage would be nice. If you grapple with a character, you should be able to push your opponent up against the cage and grind him down. Some kind of momentum or leverage system, beyond throwing your opponent, would work pretty well.

What would you like to see in the next UFC game? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.